What We Do

Our team of IT professionals provides expertise for information technology projects throughout Los Angeles. Our services include but limited to network design, server configurations, IT outsourcing, IP Phone Systems Solutions, Network Support Services and System and Network Security.

Our IT consulting services are retained throughout Los Angeles by both large and small firms in diverse industries including the Legal, Financial, Entertaainment, Industrial, Real Estate, and Automotive fields.

We provide services for all of the greater Los Angeles city business and home offices for over ten plus years.  You have a solutions provider that will ensure your business is operation and making money with the technology at hand and build a path towards growth and expansion.

Services We Offer

pcSystems Support

Are your computers or server operating efficiently for your business or home office needs? Are you worried or in fear of a major failure? Contact us, and lets us give you the solutions you need, today!

networkNetwork Security

Are you worried about your data? We will understand your environment & provide the right safeguard your sensitive information. Security for companies ranging from small to global enterprises

server2IT Management

Every IT project is assigned a Project Manager who will be in charge of the design and installation of the solution. An Account Manager will assists with product acquisition.

server2Network Engineering

Network or internet access slow or dead? We provide various levels of network support on-call & as needed in addition to our managed service plans. Microsoft & Cisco.

NOTE: Remote Support (i.e. remote control/help over the internet) is available 24/7, while on contract or prepayment, on per call or incident resolutions.

Our service strategy is simple

Be proactive

We focus on ongoing preventive support, not just reactionary fixes. Under contract, we are available to you 24/7.

Do it right

Each technician averages 10+ years of field experience. We are not learning on the job. All projects are done right the first time.

Work as a team

You receive more than a technician. Experienced management and customer support staff are also providing your business with support.

Contact Us 

(213) 293-6336

When submitting your information for service please make sure to leave all of your contact information along with a brief message of what you are seeking a follow up on. Within this form we can not and will not follow up with detailed technical help via email, we will contact you to arrange a technician to assist in person or via remote assistance with any technical problems.

Why Customers Choose Us

    You receive proven solutions from trusted vendors – not some unknown application or method.
    Since we care, we are always eager to assist our clients in any way.
    We will reduce your existing IT support costs while providing stable network performance.

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